Welcome to MIT!


Me in front of my new workplace: Hayden Library at MIT

Hi there! I’m Helen Bailey, Fellow for Digital Curation and Preservation at MIT Libraries, and this is my story.

In 2012, MIT Libraries decided to initiate a new fellowship program to offer early-career library professionals an opportunity to gain experience and contribute to initiatives in an academic research library. They selected two program areas to house these fellows: Scholarly Publishing and Licensing, and Digital Curation and Preservation (that’s me!). In October of 2012, I moved to Cambridge and started on this new adventure.

My position is hosted by the Curation and Preservation Services department of the Libraries, which is responsible for curation and preservation of the Libraries’ collections in all formats, from paper-based books to electronic resources and everything in between. I’ll be working on a variety of projects focused mostly on the digital side of things, although some of my work (like Preservation Week planning, more on that soon) encompasses curation and preservation as a whole.

One of my goals for the fellowship is to share what I learn from this experience with others: the MIT community, the library and information community, my digital preservation/curation colleagues, and the world at large. This is  a pretty unique opportunity to explore new ideas in an emerging and fast-paced area of librarianship, in a setting that houses some of the most innovative new technology developments in the world. Surely there are others who may be interested in hearing what the journey is like?

So, there you have it. This blog will chronicle my experiences in the two-year fellowship at MIT Libraries. I’ll talk about the things I’m learning, the projects I’m working on, the fun adventures I get to have on the MIT campus, and the post-graduate fellowship experience in general. If there are other things you’d like to hear about, please let me know!